radio controlled helicopter

Are you one of those people who always wanted to fly, not like a bird, but as the pilot of your own plane?  Has life got too busy for you to take flying lessons and you have decided to do the next best thing?  You might consider flying a Radio Controlled Helicopter, or RC helicopters.  Flying a Radio Controlled Helicopter is a wonderful hobby, there are many enthusiasts that engage in this activity, on a weekly basis.  One of the hardest decisions that you will make, is which Radio Controlled Helicopter to purchase?

The RC helicopters come in several different models, you must first decide whether you want to purchase a gas model to helicopter, or an electric helicopter.   For most novice users, it is suggested that they start with an electric model, if for no other reason, they are cheaper and much quieter.  There are some that veterans, that would not be caught dead flying an electric model, and prefer the gas models.  Either choice offers a great line of Radio Controlled Helicopters.

Different Controllers For Your Radio Controlled Helicopter

You must then decide, whether you want to choose a two, three, four, or six channel model.  Traditionally the two and three channel models are for children.  Most novice users start with either a three or four channel model.  The model you choose will depend on the difficulty level of flying it.  It is important, that you choose a model that you can quickly become comfortable with, to receive maximum enjoyment.  You can always upgrade later, once you become competent on whichever model, you choose to begin with.

Four channel controllers are designed for people that really want to learn to fly these helicopters as a hobby, plus it mimics flying a real helicopter.  Many of them come with the flight stimulator plan that can be loaded directly into your computer, and connected to your remote control.  This will allow you to practice flying your helicopter on your computer screen, before taking it outside for a test flight.

Flying a Radio Controlled Helicopter is a wonderful hobby, there are many different models to choose from, with something for everyone.  Enjoy your flight.