Hirobo Raptor

Hirobo Raptor Recently Purchased:

RC Heli Irvine Helicopter Starter Shaft One Way Hirobo Sceadu Raptor 30, HIROBO SHUTTLE MAINSHAFT ASSEMBLY WITH MODIFIED RAPTOR SWASHPLATE, HATORI 356 EXHAUST HEADER FOR HIROBO SHUTTLE SCEADU SDX RAPTOR OS 32 ENYA 35, Thunder tiger raptor 60 90 scale under carriage and fuel tank support, Servo plastic rod ends 8 Morley Vario XCell TRex Raptor Hirobo, Raptor Hirobo Align Fuel Header Tank 2oz, HIROBO 2511 007 CROSS MEMBER M3 X 64 0404 004 2511007 HELICOPTER PARTS,

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